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Pop-Tops for Mercedes Sprinter


*Available for Sprinter, Transit, Promaster.

Pop-tops made in Europe. Designed with our harsh Canadian climate in mind, mold resistant, designed to handle our strong Chinook winds, heavy duty canvas.

For more information on pricing and installation, please contact us.
*Pop top installations can only be done at our Ontario location.
Specifically designed for North America ( no cut beyond B pillar, heavy duty Canvas, shocks, specific roof frame )

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Some information for all our clients regarding the effects of Covid-19 at Travois.  Please be aware that while business is usual at our facility, many of our suppliers are facing challenges as a result of the Covid-19 Virus.  We have been informed by our suppliers that they are not able to receive raw materials for the production of seats and trucking firms are restricting movement to ports, which in turn has resulted in a delay in the shipping of goods to North America.  We are monitoring the situation and hope for a quick solution to this rapidly developing situation.  We thank you for your understanding.