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Let Us Help You Build Your Dream Van!

We also offer custom builds, with the ability to design and fabricate in-house. We are able to bring your ideas and dreams to life. Take advantage of our equipment, engineering staff, years of manufacturing experience (rail, aircraft, automotive racing) and let us build your van with you to suit your personal requirements.

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The same high quality standards are present as in the manufacturing of components for the rail or Aeronautics divisions.


Take advantage of the Canadian dollar, it’s like getting a 25% discount!


Fully certified engineers work on the design of your van.


All sub-components that are not sourced from OEM manufacturers, are manufactured in-house.


Fully staffed by certified fabricators, mechanics, with extensive Porsche-Ferrari racing experience.

We can help with your build, whether you just want to install your windows, help with wiring, insulation, design a cabinet, storage tanks, etc. We are able to help with your build, from the smallest item to a full build.

EXAMPLE: University of Toronto Van, built on a 2018 170 Chassis 4 X 4 Mercedes Sprinter. This van had to fit a particular pre-set budget, with specific needs, such as; sleeping arrangements for up-to 7, seating for 7, space to work inside and use as portable lab – summer or winter, very specific power requirements, but no solar !

It was a challenge, but where able to meet our clients budget and best of all, with each build we also learn how to overcome new hurdles and this is what fuels us as a team.