At Travois we know it’s important that the work done on your RV is done correctly.

Travois understands that your van isn’t a stationary house and should not be built like One.

We strive to find new ways to keep you and your passenger’s SAFE . 

Travois holds the Master Upfitter title from Mercedes Benz . Together we work to offer Longevity out of your vehicule and the safest way for you to travel and enjoy your adventures.

We also hold our National safety mark with this, we have strict guidelines that must be followed to ensure that every install is done CORRECTLY and SAFELY.

All our seats & floors have been tested to CVMSS/FVMSS (DOT.NHTSA . TRANSPORT CANADA) standards and many sub test categories such as : burn test , torse test , min seating are space etc..

Heater’s are installed by trained technician’s .

This way you can be certain that your van is built right.